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We are specialists in the design, testing and manufacture of bespoke umbilicals and cables for use in some of the planet’s harshest, most demanding environments.

Welcome to Fibron

Established in 1986, Fibron has become widely recognised as a leading supplier of bespoke umbilicals, cables and terminations to some of the most complex and challenging projects across the globe. We have broad experience across many different sectors and have a particular strength in the development of prototypes.

Our experienced team offers the highest levels of expertise at every stage of every project, and our aim is always to delight our customers with the highest quality products and the very best customer service.

Cable & umbilical specialists

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of static and dynamic umbilicals and cables and the associated terminations. We are expert engineers, adept at providing bespoke solutions for complex projects.

Our highly experienced project managers are excellent communicators and skilled at effectively managing complex projects with multiple workflows. We have some of the sharpest minds in the industry and we have a culture in which offering exceptional customer service is always a top priority.


Bespoke umbilicals & cables for the harshest environments

Our umbilicals and cables are designed to meet the precise needs of our customers. Frequently, this means the cables and umbilicals must be able to withstand the rigours of some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Most of our customers come to us for subsea cables and subsea umbilicals, but we can design umbilicals and cables for use just about anywhere – from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains.

Project capability

Product quality and exceptional customer service are always top priorities for Fibron. Being able to keep our promises is a big part of this, and to keep control and minimise the risk of delays, we do as much as possible in-house. We have the equipment, skills and experience to manufacture bespoke umbilicals and cables for almost any application.

Our portfolio of successfully completed projects is very varied, from the simple to the complex, both large and small. And unlike many of our competitors, we are able to help with the design, manufacture and testing of prototype umbilicals, one-off umbilicals and short-length umbilicals and cables too.

What is an umbilical?

To understand our business, it’s important to understand in general terms what an umbilical is. As umbilical specialists we would define an umbilical as “A flexible connection that is used to transfer multiple services between two points”

Our umbilicals are most frequently (but not always) used to connect underwater equipment to the surface. They can be designed to comprise almost any combination of cables and hoses, transferring data, telecommunications, power, video, air, gas, hydraulic liquid, hot water, liquid chemicals and more.

And, as they are often deployed in harsh environments, they can be thoroughly protected from the wind, waves, tides, sun, rain, ice and snow… they can even be protected from shark bites and earthquakes too!

Umbilicals you can depend on

The performance and reliability of umbilicals and cables is often critical. Umbilicals and cables that are under-specified or made with inferior materials may fail. And if they do fail, the consequences are often significant – lost productivity, costly logistics, perhaps even the cost of an ROV if it becomes untethered. Deep sea divers quite literally trust the reliability of their umbilicals with their lives.

We take our responsibilities in this regard extremely seriously. We have the engineering and technical expertise to ensure that every cable and umbilical is fit for purpose, we only use the best materials, and our products are always manufactured and tested to meet the highest standards.

Turn-key umbilicals & cable solutions

From initial enquiry to successful delivery, we pride ourselves in offering the highest levels of professionalism and service at every stage of every project.

At Fibron we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry, and this expertise shines through from the initial consultation and design, through engineering, project management and manufacturing, to testing, quality control and packing.


We design and manufacture cables and umbilicals for a vast array of different applications across many different market sectors.

The sectors in which we are most active are shown below, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please do get in touch – the chances are that if you need an umbilical or cable, we can help.

How can we help?

At Fibron, we are widely recognised as being a highly responsive business that offers industry-leading levels of customer service. Our team of experienced specialists is on hand to offer expert advice and would welcome your enquiry, whatever the project, simple or complex, big or small.