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Diving Hoses, Cables & Umbilicals

Fibron supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality diving cables, diving hoses and diving umbilicals to this sector. Whether you need something from our standard product range or a bespoke solution for a specific project or application, the experienced team at Fibron are on hand to help.

Fibron has more than 30 years of experience in supplying products to the diving sector. During this time, we have earned a reputation amongst the commercial diving community as a designer and manufacturer of high quality diving hoses, cables and umbilicals that perform flawlessly under extreme conditions.

Our manufacturing team have the expertise and facilities to offer an end-to-end service, with design, manufacture, testing and termination all completed in-house. This maintains technical integrity and reliability, and it means we can arrange for the terminated products to be fully certified by a third party before they leave our factory. Our diving umbilicals are designed and manufactured into a helically laid up construction that has become the trusted industry standard for all diving hose and cable umbilical applications.

The industry-leading selection of subsea cables, hoses and umbilicals that we offer have a number of applications across the diving, ROVs, and intervention sectors. Our design team work in collaboration with our customers to understand the application and specification perfectly. They will then use their specialist knowledge to design a solution that perfectly meets our customer’s needs. From light-weight umbilicals, collapse-resistant hoses and abrasion-resistant cables, to bespoke umbilicals that have been terminated, tested and certified.

diving cables

Fibron Cables and Umbilicals

Fibron cables and umbilicals have been used for a vast array of commercial diving applications.

The most frequent are listed below, but if you have a requirement that falls outside of these applications, our expert team would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help.

  • Commercial air diving umbilicals
  • Commercial saturation diving umbilicals
  • Civil and inshore air diving umbilicals
  • Excursions from air & saturation diving bells
  • Military diving umbilicals
  • Cables and umbilicals for subsea welding & cutting
  • Hazardous area breathing systems
  • Rescue cables and umbilicals
  • Hull cleaning umbilicals

Main Bell Umbilicals

Fibron`s main bell umbilicals can be built to customer requirements for main bell, wet bell, habitat and welding system end use.

Laid up in a helical format, components and strength members can, if required, be manufactured with either a polyethylene monofilament over-braid or an extruded thermoplastic sheath. Hoses and cables are incorporated to provide services for gas, hot water, gas reclaim, depth monitoring, power supply, signal, video transmission and communications.

For your peace of mind, all design, manufacture, testing and termination is undertaken in-house to our proven high standards. Third party approval and the required back-up certification and documentation is available to all main industry standards including Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Bureau Veritas (BV).

main bell umbilicals
Excursion Umbilicals

Excursion Umbilicals

Fibron`s range of diver excursion umbilicals for saturation diving bells offer excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. Twisted up into “rope like” constructions and designed to suit all end uses, these lightweight umbilicals are easy to handle and store.

Surface Demand Umbilicals

Whether it’s for civil, commercial or hazardous end uses, Fibron offers a complete range of diver umbilicals twisted up into “rope like” constructions for surface demand. Fibroline and Fibrolite hoses have a smooth polyurethane cover for excellent abrasion resistance, while providing superior flexibility.


Fibron offers a comprehensive range of hoses for both high and low pressure commercial diving applications. We have three branded product ranges – Fibroflex, Fibroline and Fibrolite. Each range comprises solutions for gas supply, hot water supply, gas reclaim, and pneumo-monitoring.

Fibroflex hoses are highly flexible, braided, high-pressure diving hoses for use in Main Bell, Wet Bell and Excursion umbilicals. These hoses are designed specifically to withstand the rigours of everyday use in a hyperbaric dive system. All common hose sizes in the Fibroflex range of hoses are Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approved.

The Fibrolite and Fibroline ranges of sheathed lower pressure diving hoses are designed for use in surface dive applications where kink and abrasion resistance are high priorities. They are particularly suited to jacket maintenance and salvage type operations. Other applications include use in breathing apparatus for gas tank inspections and other hazardous environments.

diving cables


Fibron has developed a range of cables that are frequently used as components within bell excursion and surface dive umbilicals. Cables from our standard product range are typically used to supply power, video, data and communication in a variety of combinations and with varying levels of reinforcement and protection. They are available from stock on a short lead time.

Whilst this range of diving cables may provide the perfect solution for the majority of requirements, Fibron has vast experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke cables and umbilicals too. Whatever your specific requirement might be for diving cables and umbilicals, the chances are that our expert team will be able to help.

Fittings, Connectors, Terminations

Hose ends
Fibron offers a comprehensive range of marine phosphor bronze end fittings for our diving hoses and umbilicals. These fittings are available in three female thread types JIC, OXY/Lenz or BSP, and they can even be sourced in other materials if required.

Electrical Connectors
We can terminate & test our umbilicals with most industry standard connectors, including: Souriau, SubConn, Impulse, Seacon and Crouse-Hinds.

Mechanical Terminations
Our diving hoses, diving cables and diving umbilicals can also be specified with D-rings, D-ring/snap shackles, hose bend restrictors and cable grips as required.

Oil or Water Stops
Power, signal and video cable components that are included in our main services umbilicals can have the subsea (bell) ends terminated with oil or water stops. This comprises an enclosed resin block with double ended contacts to provide continuity. Each side is epoxy back-potted and the complete unit is over-moulded with polyurethane. The oil stops are typically sited half-way along the tail length.

fittings, connectors and terminations

Here to help

If you need an umbilical or cable and can’t immediately see what you’re looking for, please do get in touch. Most of our work is bespoke to the needs of a particular project, so we can’t show all of our capabilities on our website. As experts in our field, if you need a cable or umbilical, particularly for use in a challenging environment like offshore, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to help.