The key supplier to the seismic industry

Since the early 2000’s, Fibron has developed a unique and extensive portfolio of the seismic industry.

Seismic data acquisition continues to be challenged with the overarching trend common to virtually every seismic survey, the need to acquire more and more data with ever-greater efficiency.

Fibron and Innovation

Continuous development with the methodology of seismic data acquisition calls for innovation and product reliance in the Airgun umbilicals and Lead-In cables used for offshore acquisition.

Traditional marine seismic recording spreads are rapidly increasing in size and data density and the emergence of new technologies like Life of Field, EM and Nodal have all pushed the demands on umbilicals, cables and their materials to keep pace.

Fibron is constantly evolving their products to meet the demands of these new technologies to ensure maximum reliability, operational efficiency, and safety. Our experienced team of design engineers and technicians have the knowledge and expertise to design and manufacture umbilicals and cables for these high fatigue offshore applications.
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