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Umbilicals and cables play crucial roles in various aerospace applications. Some of the main applications include:

  • Aerostat tethers and cables: Aerostat tethers and cables not only provide an anchor to keep the aerostat in position, they can also be designed to incorporate fibre-optic cables for communication, video, data exchange.
  • Drone tethers: It’s also possible to deploy a drone semi-permanently with the use of a tether that holds the drone in place, provides power to keep it airborne and provides a data link if necessary to allow the drone to be controlled and to send data back to the control centre.
  • Launch Vehicles: Umbilicals are used in launch vehicles to provide power, communication, and fluid transfer between ground support systems and the rocket. These umbilicals ensure that the spacecraft receives the necessary resources before liftoff.
  • Testing and Simulation Facilities: Aerospace umbilicals and cables are used in testing and simulation facilities to replicate the conditions that spacecraft, satellites, or other aerospace components may encounter during launch, space travel, or operational phases. These facilities help evaluate the performance and durability of aerospace equipment.
  • Ground Support Equipment: Umbilicals and cables are also employed in ground support equipment for maintenance, testing, and servicing of aerospace vehicles and systems. They facilitate connections between the ground support infrastructure and the aerospace equipment.

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