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(Remotely Operated Vehicles)

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Fibron provides an industry-leading range of subsea cables and umbilicals for the safe and reliable operation of subsea ROVs. Our thin wall insulation technology allows for the design of cables with smaller diameters saving both space and weight.

We also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of armouring packages that provide protection, strength and durability in even the harshest of environments.

Our ROV umbilicals are designed and manufactured at our dedicated facility in the UK and all our products can be qualified to the highest standards.

main lift

ROV Main Lift Umbilicals

Fibron ROV Main Lift Umbilicals are custom-designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Armour packages utilise in-house field-proven technology, ensuring stable, balanced constructions. Products with load-bearing capabilities based on high tensile galvanised steel, in continuous lengths of 10 km and beyond, allow you to go deeper for more dives.

Our main-lift umbilicals can be supplied as a package with a compatible tether or as a solution designed for free-swimming ROVs. With an enviable track record in Main Lift Umbilical supply to many major system builders and operators, Fibron designs are the result of years of expertise, experience and extensive testing.

ROV Tether Cables

Fibron ROV tether cables are individually designed and built to meet your specifications.

Whether your application has demanding requirements for voltage, buoyancy, size, length or strength, our ability to process VectranTM fibre and a range of polymeric materials on state-of-the-art machinery means we can work with you to deliver a cable to suit your specific needs.

trencher umbilicals

Trencher Umbilicals

Fibron have the technology to deliver trencher umbilicals suitable for extreme applications.

A typical trencher umbilical may comprise a series of insulated copper power cores, drain wires, optical fibres protected by gel-filled stainless steel tubing, selected protective sheaths and multiple layers of galvanised steel wire armour.

Combined, these components make our trencher umbilicals highly reliable in harsh environments and give them industry-leading load-bearing capabilities.

Deep Ocean Research Umbilicals

Working with world-leading organisations, Fibron have a strong pedigree in the supply of umbilicals for deep ocean research.

Our expert design team draw on all their years of experience to combine superior armouring technology and the ability to transmit high voltages in relatively small-diameter cables.

deep ocean research

Observation Class ROV Umbilicals

Fibron has considerable expertise in supplying cables and umbilicals to all classes of remotely operated vehicle, including observation class ROVs. Combining flexibility and durability, our observation class ROV umbilicals are trusted throughout the industry.

We have supplied up to 10,000m continuous lengths, and can offer testing in-house or at independent test houses with the appropriate certification. By using high quality materials and working to the highest standards, we are confident that our umbilicals will perform reliably in the field.

Testing & Analysis

Fibron has extensive test facilities, providing you with cost-effective product validation and research. When independent testing is required, our close relationships with industry-leading test houses enable us to project-manage external testing that gives extra assurance of the highest quality product. Test regimes may include any of the following:

  • Cyclic bend-over sheave test
  • Break load test
  • Torque/rotation test
  • High voltage test
  • Partial discharge evaluation
  • Voltage breakdown test

We can also provide theoretical analysis, including in-house FEA capability and current rating analysis based on research backed by leading UK-based research institutions. Using both commercially available and proprietary software, our experienced engineers can conduct theoretical analysis to predict the in-service performance prior to manufacture including:

  • Electrical stress FEA
  • Weibull analysis to IEC 61251:2015
  • Failure probability analysis
  • Current rating and winch temperature analysis
testing and analysis

Here to help

If you need an umbilical or cable and can’t immediately see what you’re looking for, please do get in touch. Most of our work is bespoke to the needs of a particular project, so we can’t show all of our capabilities on our website. As experts in our field, if you need a cable or umbilical, particularly for use in a challenging environment like offshore, there’s a good chance that we’ll be able to help.