Tether and main lift cables

Fibron have supplied tether and main lift cables since 2000 to OEMs and operators in the commercial and research and government bodies for observation, medium and work class systems.

In 2010 Fibron introduced optimised armour packages and thin wall insulation to offer high strength, light weight, compact OD main lift cables critical in minimising handling system weights and footprints.

Range functionality

Our range offers take into account a wide range of functionality such as strength, protection, flexibility, OD, and weight (ballast and buoyancy)  required for each system type. The range also covers remotely operated equipment out with standard ROV systems i.e. crawlers, trenchers, ploughs, pipeline inspection, diamond mining, pile driver systems.

Fibron armour packages are based on armouring technology developed in conjunction with industry leader BridonTM, ensuring class-leading strength and rotational stability. Fibron’s ability to source armour wire in over 100 diameters from a range of tensile strengths allows us to design an armour package tailored to suit your exact requirements.

Fibron has extensive test facilities, providing you with cost-effective product validation and research. When independent testing is required, our close relationships with industry-leading test houses enable us to project manage external testing that gives you that extra assurance of the highest quality product.

Fibron has the capability to conduct scientific evaluation of the electrical characteristics of our products including:

Cutting-edge theoretical analysis you can trust, including in-house FEA capability and current rating analysis based on research backed by leading UK based research institutions. Using both commercially available and proprietary software, our experienced engineers can conduct theoretical analysis to enable prediction of in-service performance prior to manufacture including:

Fibron uses a state-of-the-art, processor-controlled, dual-head extruder to apply selected polymers to insulate our conductors. This process allows Fibron to manufacture cores with an optimised diameter for voltage stress, saving weight and deck space. This technology is supported by voltage endurance testing conducted at a leading UK-based university, at voltages up to 7.4 kV.

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