Fairings that reduce vibration and strumming

Fibron have also developed and offer several different fairing systems, which complement the Lead-In cable, and further enhance the performance of the product. These include:

• ParmaFairing® – developed and patented by Parma Plast AS
• Coated Canvas Fairing – developed and manufactured by Fibron
• Ribbon Fairing – manufactured by Fibron
• Hairy Fairing – manufactured by Fibron

We can also install, and fit other fairing systems as required.

Repair and refurbishment

Repair and refurbishment of Lead-In cables and Airgun Umbilicals is also a valuable and important service we offer our customers. This includes a full test and inspection programme, and then based on these results a fully costed refurbishment plan, which can include repair to the cable and umbilical, and recovery of the termination and re-termination.

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