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Fibron is a market-leading designer and manufacturer of underwater cables and umbilicals for marine infrastructure and energy industries.

We are proud to have recently delivered bespoke, hull cleaning umbilicals to enable customers to meet the highest environmental standards. The umbilicals combine large hoses, LP tubes and power cables enclosed in an overbraid cover to offer the lightest weight and best flexibility. The large hoses in the umbilicals are used to collect the debris which is then disposed of onshore. This process ensures the world’s waterways and ports maintain their eco environments and aquatic lifeforms.

Biofouling on large ship hulls can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%, rising to 40% in warmer waters. Cleaner hulls will reduce fuel consumption and in turn minimise emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases. Rather than more traditional diver-operated brushing, hull cleaning can now be carried out using water jet systems and can be carried out on vessels anchored or in terminal.

With increased focus on environmental issues, it’s anticipated that ports and regulatory bodies will continue to impose stricter rules and regulations, therefore, the need to carry out regular inspections and perform cleaning and debris collection will be ongoing. Fibron are glad to be playing its part in reducing biofouling and supporting our customer’s innovations when it comes to an environmentally friendly approach.

Contact Fibron today to discuss your needs and technical challenges. We are happy to provide innovative solutions to your underwater engineering challenges.