End terminations / components

Hose ends
Fibron offers marine phosphor bronze end fittings for our diving umbilical hoses. These fittings are available in three female thread types JIC, Oxy / Lenz or BSP. Part of Fibron’s bespoke problem solving services, we can
provide these fittings in other materials.

Electrical Connectors
We can terminate & test umbilicals with most industry standard connectors, such as Souriau, SubConn, Impulse, Seacon & Crouse Hinds.

End terminations / components

Mechanical Terminations
D-rings, D-ring/snap shackles, hose bend restrictors & cable grips can also be attached as required.

Oil or Water Stops
Power, signal, and video cable components included in main services umbilicals can have the subsea (bell) ends terminated with oil or water stops. This offers an enclosed resin block with double ended contacts to provide continuity. Each side is epoxy back-potted and the complete unit over moulded with polyurethane. The oil stops are typically sited half way along the tail length.

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